• Preventative HVAC Maintenance Can Save Your Systems

  • Even though the weather has been rather off-kilter for a December here in Cincinnati, the bitter cold winter weather is coming and you need to be prepared! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your sweaters, coats, and long Johns out of storage to ready yourself for the harsh, snowy weather.

    So, you’re preparing yourself for the harsh, cold winter, but are you properly preparing your home?

    Preparing Your Home for Winter

    Get Your Mind IN the Gutter

    If left full of debris from leaves, dirt, and grime, clogged gutters can form ice dams that prevent your gutter drainage systems from functioning properly, which leads to water seeping into your home. No one wants or needs that! Save yourself the time, energy, and money of repairing leaks by simply cleaning your gutters now! When you do, run water through the gutters to check for misalignments that could also cause water damage.

    Keeping the Outside Air Out and the Inside Air In

    Warm air will escape out of any cracks (doors, windows, etc.) and can make your heating system work harder and cost you more to heat your home.  Do a check of all your doors and windows and use caulk to seal cracks on door frames and weatherstripping to seal components that move like an operable window.

    Keeping Your Ducts in a Row

    Did you know tightly sealed and insulated ducts can potentially reduce your annual energy bills by $120 or more! Ducts are often out of sight, out of mind, tucked away in the attic or basement, but make it a point to make sure your ducts are in order by properly sealing and insulating them.

    Preventative HVAC Maintenance

    Your furnace deserves some TLC! Why? Sediment build-up can cause your system to work less efficiently or potentially become a fire-hazard. Cleaning your system and getting it inspected will reduce the risks.

    One of the easiest ways to ensure your system is running properly is to invest in a preventative HVAC maintenance plan with RineAir.

    What are some of the benefits of a Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

    • Lower utility bills
    • Extended life of your equipment
    • Fewer repairs
    • Improved performance
    • Discount on repairs
    • Priority customer status

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