• Geothermal Benefits

  • When people think about geothermal heating and cooling, they often think about the environmental benefits of geothermal systems. They use a renewable heat source and the heat pumps are very energy efficient, so they are a very “green” option. What people sometimes forget about geothermal systems is that they have a lot of cost benefits as well. While the system might be a lot of work to install, you can save a  great deal of money over time due to its low operating costs.

    We have installed geothermal heating and cooling systems in for many years, so we will be able to provide you with all information you need on the cost and environmental benefits. Each situation is different, but we will be able to determine your unique situation and help you find the type of system that will work best for you.

    Geothermal Benefits:

    Geothermal Cost Benefits

    One of the many cost benefits of a geothermal system is that it both heats and cools you home. Instead of using an air conditioner in the summer and a furnace in the winter, a geothermal system can keep your house comfortable all year round. Once you have a geothermal heat pump installed, it will work as AC in the summer and still heat your home in the winter, all while using the geothermal energy that exists beneath the earth.

    Geothermal heat pumps are usually powered by electricity, but they are very energy efficient. Since the heat pumps do not generate heat, only transfer it, they actually use very little electricity. The heat pump can reach heating efficiencies of up to 600 percent! Since they use the earth as their heat source, which is completely free, geothermal system have very low ongoing costs.

    Another financial benefit of a geothermal system is its longevity. Most geothermal heat pumps will last around a quarter of a century and the pipes will probably for 50 years of more! So you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing your geothermal system; it is designed to last for a very long time. The low operational costs and durability of the system makes it a sound investment. A geothermal contractor can give you a more specific breakdown of the savings for your home.

    Geothermal Environmental Benefits

    For the same reasons that geothermal systems are a good idea financially, they are also a good idea from an environmental standpoint. They use a renewable resource, the heat of the earth, to keep your home comfortable. While a furnace uses gas or oil to generate heat, geothermal energy does not generate heat through combustion. Which means it doesn’t use any fossil fuels and it doesn’t burn anything that might release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They are more energy efficient than air source heat pumps, so they only need a minimal amount of electricity.

    Geothermal heat pumps also have an advantage over other alternative heating and cooling systems. While wind and solar can be intermittent, geothermal energy is constant so you can use it all year round in a variety of conditions.

    Geothermal Services

    For more details about all the geothermal benefits a geothermal system can bring to your home, give RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning a call! Our expert geothermal technicians will explain how a geothermal system would work in your home and how much energy and fuel it will save you compared to your old system. Contact us today if you have any questions!