• Geothermal Heating and Cooling

  • geothermalGeothermal heating and cooling systems are some of the most innovative HVAC systems you can have installed in your home. A geothermal system uses the ambient temperature beneath the earth’s surface to provide consistent and inexpensive heating and cooling to your home. Geothermal systems not only use a renewable resource, but they are also long lasting and highly efficient.

    Give RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning a call today if you are thinking about installing geothermal in the Cincinnati area. We offer a complete range of geothermal services, including full installation, maintenance, and repair. Since a geothermal system is not a small investment, you should make sure to consult with the experienced professionals at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning to get some of the best Cincinnati geothermal information and services!

    Cincinnati Geothermal Installation

    While geothermal systems aren’t very complicated, the installation process requires a trained expert. There are a number of different factors that go into installation, and a proper installation will make it possible for your system to last a very long time. There are a few different types of geothermal systems, but the most common is the horizontal loop.

    With a horizontal loop system, a series of pipes are installed around four feet underground in the yard around your home. The pipes are designed to carry a mixture of water and coolant under the earth where it absorbs the ambient heat that always exists below the surface. Then the water and coolant are transferred to a heat pump that is installed near your home. The heat pump converts it to warm air that is circulated throughout your duct system. The process can be reversed in the summer to cool your home as well. Open and vertical loop systems function in a similar way, but the configuration of the pipes beneath the earth is different.

    Our Cincinnati geothermal installation experts are trained to examine your home and yard to determine what pipe configuration will work best for you. We will walk you through every step of the installation process so you understand exactly how your new heating and cooling system will work. Since installing a geothermal system does involve installing pipes underground, it can be quite an extensive project, but we have the skilled technicians who can have it completed quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you.

    Cincinnati Geothermal Maintenance

    Since the majority of its components are underground, it might seem like geothermal systems actually don’t need any maintenance, but that is not the case. Though geothermal systems don’t require a lot of maintenance, they should be checked once a year to make sure that all the components are functioning properly. A Cincinnati geothermal maintenance technician will service the heat pump, clean the ducts, and make sure all the piping is still working smoothly. A maintenance visit once a year can keep your system in good working order, and most geothermal systems are designed to work for 25 + years!

    Cincinnati Geothermal Repair

    Your geothermal heating and cooling system won’t need repairs often, but when something does happen, you want it to be repaired quickly. We provide a full range of geothermal repair services, and our technicians receive ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest techniques and equipment.

    If you have higher energy bills, uneven heating, or you suspect a leak in you pipes, you should call for repair right away. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so call us for any Cincinnati geothermal repair, anytime.

    Cincinnati Geothermal Services

    Whether you need maintenance or repair on your geothermal system or are interested in having one installed in your home, you should contact the experts at RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help you figure out if a renewable heating and cooling system is right for your home and your budget.