• Air Conditioning Service

  • air-conditioningWe offer a wide variety of air conditioning services to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Whether you need an emergency repair in the middle of the night or you need a whole new central air conditioning system installed, we have EPA–certified technicians that can get the job done right the first time.

    Our technicians can repair any make or model of air conditioner, so call us 24/7 for repairs in the Cincinnati area. We will work quickly and efficiently to get your system running again with minimal disruption to your home. If you sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement, you can get a complete precision tune–up and thorough cleaning annually to keep your AC working efficiently. We are a certified York dealer, and we offer free in home estimates on new system replacements, so talk to us if you need air conditioning system installation or replacement in Cincinnati. Whatever AC service you need, RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help!

    We Offer Central Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

    We can install a new central air conditioner that meets all of your needs for sizing, efficiency, performance, and any budgetary considerations. Each situation is different, and we will take into consideration the size and layout of your house, how much insulation you have, and many other factors to find the perfect cooling system for your home. We will thoroughly inspect your home and make recommendations to you based on our findings, and we will give you all the information you need to make a decision about your new air conditioning system.

    We Repair and Maintain Central Air Units

    A Cincinnati air conditioning maintenance technician will inspect all parts of your system, clean the coils, check the refrigerant levels, and replace any worn parts during their visit. While each one of these tasks might seem small, the overall effect is a better functioning central air unit that works more efficiently. Call us today to find out more about our AC maintenance services and our Energy Savings Agreement.

    Our technicians can work with all types of air conditioning systems to fix any AC system problem. We have experience with all makes and models of air conditioners, so you can feel confident that we will repair your system swiftly and competently. Call RineAir Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your Cincinnati air conditioning repair needs; we are available 24/7 to help get your system back up and running!

    RineAir Air Conditioning Service in Cincinnati, OH

    If you need AC services in Cincinnati, OH, you can trust our experts for the job. Our years of experience, extensive training, and history of positive customer feedback speaks for our qualifications. Let us put you on the path toward total home comfort with a new professionally installed central air conditioner or for any AC services you may need through the years.

    Air Conditioning Installation

    If your new air conditioner is not installed properly in the first place, you may run into a number of problems throughout the years. Our air conditioning installation experts will make sure that your new unit fits into your home and that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

    Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

    When you schedule AC services with a member of our team, you can count on a job that is completed properly the first time. Call us for air conditioning maintenance to protect the life of your unit or for air conditioning repair when you notice any issue with your system, big or small.


    An air conditioning system is useless without a quality thermostat to control it. There are many different options when it comes to thermostats, including wireless programmable models or even Wi–Fi enabled thermostats, which allow you to control the temperature even from miles away. Call us to learn more.

    Zone Control Systems

    Often, the people inside of your home have trouble agreeing on a single temperature for the entire home. With a zone control system, you can vary the temperature in different areas throughout the home, so that this does not have to become an issue again. Ask our expert HVAC technicians for more information about zone control systems.